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High Value, Fair Price

Elevated Trading supplies high quality, wholesale hemp products to CBD manufacturers and CBD retailers across the United States. We’re elevating the supply chain experience across the wholesale hemp industry. We form deep, strategic relationships with our CBD customers to ensure you receive value well beyond the transaction. If you’re searching for wholesale hemp CBD flower, bulk CBD/CBG/CBN concentrates, Delta 8, or shelf-ready retail products, contact us today to discuss the wide selection of quality wholesale hemp products that we offer.

Experience Superior Quality

Sun Grown

High Quality

Wholesale Hemp Flower - Elevated Trading sources our sun-grown, wholesale hemp flower from the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon (often referred to as the “Napa Valley of Hemp” due to the region’s microclimate, soil quality, and responsible farming practices).

Wholesale Concentrates - Our wholesale concentrates are formulated in premier laboratories across the United States ensuring we deliver compliant, top quality products at the most competitive prices.

Retail-Ready CBD products - Are you opening a CBD retail store? We supply the wholesale hemp products that you need, and we go an extra step with our 1 on 1 consultations to make sure the products fit your CBD retail aesthetic.

Elevating The Wholesale Hemp Market

Elevated Trading addresses the unreliable supply chain issues that have plagued the wholesale hemp industry for years. We’re removing friction from the buying experience and elevating your profits by helping you deliver more value to your CBD customers.

With Elevated Trading on your team, you focus on growing your CBD business knowing we’re hard at work ensuring the highest quality, wholesale hemp products for your business. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our CBD consultants.


All of our wholesale hemp products are 3rd party tested multiple times throughout the supply chain, and we supply certified COAs with every order.


Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of payment, and we stand behind every wholesale hemp product that we sell. If you’re not happy, we fix it.


If we tell you that we can deliver a wholesale hemp product or service for your CBD business, we will make it happen. Period.


Driven Farms

Let’s face it, without the cultivators putting in the hard work during the grow season, the CBD industry would not be possible. We’re passionate about delivering the highest value for our customers while ensuring that the farming community is profitable for future harvests.

Our customers are welcome to visit our farms and lab facilities to see how much care and effort goes into maintaining a premium, compliant, and consistent portfolio of wholesale hemp products.

Integrated In Your Supply Chain

With direct industry experience across all aspects of the supply chain, Elevated Trading delivers a world-class buying experience for our customers.

We’re removing the friction from the buying process and help clients find a profitable product mix that supports the unique essence of your retail brand.

We don’t just sell products, we solve problems.

All Elevated Trading wholesale hemp products displayed for sale are federally legal and sourced from industrial hemp plants which contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

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