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Most Anticipated Strains of CBD Flower in 2021

March 08, 2021

One hit of Bubba Kush and Blueberry Diesel — and you’ll quickly understand why they are making waves in the CBD flower market.

CBD flower is a thriving market as an increasing number of consumers are shifting to CBD strains because of the various therapeutic benefits compared to THC. For many retailers, the strain content is a critical factor when it comes to stocking the shelves.

However, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the newest trends and choose from the numerous strains on the market today. To make things simpler, Elevated Trading examines the most anticipated CBD-rich hemp flower strains in 2021.

Not only did we scope out the strains building on the momentum from 2020, but also new CBD flower strains — previously never seen — that are sure to deliver a knock-out punch. Elevated Trading takes you behind-the-scenes and gives you an edge over your competitors.

Elevated Trading Insider Tip:

Get involved in the process as much as possible. Understand the ins and outs of where your hemp is grown, the strains available, and how that translates to a sale in your store. Read our blog on Hemp Cultivation Methods to learn more.

Why the Demand for CBD Flower?

Before we dive into the top strains, let’s get you up to speed on the demand for CBD flower. Hemp flower is the fully dried bud from the hemp plant. The dried flower comprises of a full array of cannabinoids as well as terpenes — a compound that gives plants their alluring scents. The hemp plants contain a much higher concentration of CBD than its counterpart THC plants.

The 2018 Farm Bill

Demand for CBD-rich hemp flower is astonishing. Hemp is defined in the 2018 Farm Bill as having less than 0.3 percent THC. Consumer demand is increasing for those who want the full-spectrum benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. What does this mean?

CBD-rich hemp flower and THC cannabis flower are essentially the same in terms of cultivation and processing but differ in dominant cannabinoids. Many consumers turn to CBD-rich hemp flower — because it looks, smells, tastes, and smokes like THC — without the high.

Legal domestic cultivation

Why is this important to retailers? According to the Brightfield Group, the hemp-derived CBD market is growing faster than the legal THC market. Because domestic hemp cultivation is legal, they predict it will be a $22 billion industry by 2022.

Top 6 Strains Expected to Thrive in 2021

Let’s take an in-depth look at six CBD-rich hemp flower strains that will be a hit in 2021.

1. Lifter

Packed with distinct aromas, this staple flower is a favorite among avid CBD flower smokers. Lifter provides uplifting effects for clear and sharp focus. Pleasing herbal, peppery, and minty notes make this a top-selling high CBD, terpene-rich strain. Wholesale Lifter CBD flower contains 15.8 percent CBD.

2. Bubba Kush

As an Indica-dominant strain, Bubba Kush is one of the most powerful calming strains on the market today. Perfect when life gets overwhelming — relax and calm — both the body and mind. Skunky, earthy tones from the Kush and a subtle hint of sweetness. Wholesale Bubba Kush CBD Flower contains 15.83 percent CBD.

3. Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a unique strain with a powerful and satisfying citrus aroma. This crowd favorite will leave you feeling relaxed — without putting you to sleep. Wholesale Sour Space Candy CBD Flower contains 15.87 percent CBD.

4. Sour Sauce

Have you heard of the secret sauce? Sour Sauce is an inspiring and uplifting strain with a full-bodied sour note that produces a succulent, sweet flavor. Consumers report support for stress, inflammation, pain — and anxiety. Wholesale Sour Sauce CBD Flower contains 17.82 percent CBD.

5. Blueberry Diesel

Full speed ahead. Get excited for this well-balanced flower incorporating a cross between the hybrid Indica Blueberry and Sativa Sour Diesel. Blueberry Diesel has a signature sour yet vaporous aroma with a robust therapeutic effect. Wholesale Blueberry Diesel CBD Flower contains 16.98 percent CBD.

6. Blue Pineapple

Top-shelf exotic hemp flower. This Sativa is a gold-mine known for providing focus and pain relief properties. This is one of our most distinctive offerings of 2021. Wholesale Blue Pineapple CBD Flower contains 13.01 percent CBD.

Elevated Trading Insider Tip

Finding the right CBD hemp flower can be monotonous, as strains differ in CBD concentration, THC presence, and other cannabinoid composition. When choosing CBD-rich hemp flower strains — keep in mind that high-quality strains ONLY come from high-quality sources. Any reputable brand will provide you with a report of the percentage of CBD, cannabinoids, and other substances that can be easily accessed.

Still not sure which CBD-rich hemp flower to choose? Contact us and we can help point you to the best hemp flower strain for you.

All Elevated Trading wholesale hemp products displayed on the site contain a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration that does not exceed three-tenths percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 21. Consult a physician before using this product. Do not use if pregnant, lactating, suffering from a medical condition(s), or taking other medication(s).

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